Wednesday, November 21, 2007

When Wednesday is Friday is Waffleday.

This is our beloved Waffleman. He's sometimes known as Hugh J'Ardon, and he plays ukulele and hollers as one of Miss Mamie Lavona's White Boy Band. I have heard it told that he once distilled a gallon of moonshine using only his own body. He's as gregarious as he is formidable; a positive force in our fair city.

Tonight he's celebrating his birthday with a musical hootenanny at CHAC Lower Level. Rob and I will be joining his cover band Superfluous for a song or two around 10pm, and then Miss Mamie and her cohorts will vibrate the air in the room with their sexotic sounds all the way until Thanksgiving. It's free, it's festive, and it may as well be Friday.


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