Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Good Vestday to you.

According to the unimpeachable Wikipedia:

"A popular tradition in the United States is to wear a sweater vest on this mid-week business day. This has led Wednesday to be referred to as Vestday."

As if I needed any more evidence that I'm out of touch with american popular traditions. Today I'm wearing a grey hooded zipper-coat (I believe it's popularly referred to as a "hoodoo"). But I'll spare you my ongoing ontological struggles regarding the nature of popularity, endlessly fascinating though they may be.

Instead I'll share with you some news regarding that popular relic known as Radio!

1. I went to college at the University of Northern Iowa, and they have a radio station called KUNI. Seeing as how the Midwesterners are My People (and Ackermann's, too), I sent a copy of Beehive Sessions to my favorite DJ there: the locally legendary Bob Dorr. Every Friday night Mr. Dorr hosts Down on the Corner, a showcase for midwestern music. It was a stretch, but he's graciously offerred to give Anthem a spin on his November 9 show (this Friday!). My dad's gonna freak right out. Down on the Corner airs from 7pm - 9pm Seattle time, and you can listen online.

2. I bet you've all heard of the venerable Seattle twee-pop band Tullycraft--I had the pleasure of laying down some trumpet licks on their fresh and fancy new album Every Scene Needs a Center. They'll be playing live on KEXP tomorrow morning at 9:30, and they've invited me to join them on horn (and various "aahs" and "heys"). I haven't played trumpet that early in the morning since high school marching band, but I'm looking forward to the whole experience. If you have any questions for Morning Show host John Richards, post them in the comments and I'll (pretend to) ask him on air! I'll obviously be trying to get his opinion on the writer's strike. So if you're near a radio or intertube on Thursday at 9:30am PST, put your ears around it!



Anonymous said...

Evan- congrats! That's so rad. The guys from Tullycraft are really neat.

Anonymous said...

ps- please ask John who cuts his hair.

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