Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Dream of Tens

This morning I dreamed that the old ConWorks space had been converted into a casino for a party. I was playing an old-fashioned 10-cent slot machine above the main gallery, where I was waiting for some sort of surrealistic floor show to start. Suddenly the machine landed on three tens (it was numbers instead of lemons and cherries and such) and I realized I'd just won $100,000. I felt vaguely guilty. One of the organizers (an old friend who didn't seem to recognize me) came over and started handing me a bunch of 45s from an old jukebox, each one representing $10, $100, or $1000. As I counted the records and decided which I'd keep and which I'd cash in, I had a fleeting thought about taxes and which debts I'd pay first. Just then the floor show started, but at that point the dream sort of turned into an audience-participation sexual-performance-art caper, so I won't bore you with that.

I will mention that last night while we were working on mixing the Secret Song, David pointed out the clearly visible Panda Bear Ladypart in the video below.


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"Awesome" said...

This was anonymously sent to us through our contact page this morning--it's a reader-submitted dream, so I'm publishing it here.


"An interesting thing as I overslept for work this morning... I was having a dream that I was attending an Awesome show, at an outdoor amphitheater, in the woods. Somehow I was sitting in the balcony. You guys had a huge screen behind you, with close-ups of each of the band members during the songs throughout the set. I was very impressed with the camera work - it looked very professional.

The really interesting part, though, was at the end of the show, everyone was applauding, until David walked out alone onto the middle of the stage, which was kind of awkward. He then proceeded to vomit up a large volume of gravy-colored bile and green peas. Everyone in the audience stopped clapping, and a general atmosphere of concern descended.

However, David simply bent over, picked out of the pile a large, soggy homemade-looking book, which he opened to display to the audience, and started dancing around. The rest of the band joined in with an encore song, and it all made sense again.

Hope you guys are having a great day!"
--annon ymous

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