Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm About To Blow Your Area

This last Friday we had yet another Kunjabunja Art Party. Rob was nice enough to let us use his house for it, even though he was out of town. We managed to not burn down his house hardly at all. The music kunjabunjas were recorded downstairs. The literary/word-art ones and the painting/drawing/visual art ones were done upstairs in the main room. Due to the fantastically wired sound system, the people upstairs could listen to old kunjabunjas on shuffle while the people downstairs made new ones. Rob texted in a title: Three Jolly Benches, which turned out to be pretty funny. I think my favorite kunjabunja title of the night was "I'm About To Blow Your Area", which featured Basil doing a quasi-rap/speak in a New England accent. Take Back Your Cages was also quite good, with Rick Miller on lead vocals. Other notable attendees included: Becky Poole rockin' the musical saw (and also the bird impressions/screeches), Mark Siano leaving his soft-rock stain on everything he touched, Amy O'Neal rocking the mic on 'Stuffing Keeps Going', and Jen Borges Foster keeping the one-word-per-page poetry book going (I just remember that the first 4 words were 'What Softness Preaches Temperance'). Clay unicorns were made. Collective cartoons were drawn. (One of them had something to do with a demon whose car was stolen by birds that took it into the forest and shit on it.) One of the literary challenges involved one person thinking up fake product names and handing them to someone else to think of the slogan. The only one I can remember is:
Speculum On A Stick: "At your cervix!"

We managed to record 41 music kunjabunjas in one night. These are their titles, in no particular order:
1. Cornflakes From The Box
2. God Is Forcing Blood
3. Here’s My Strangest String
4. I’m About To Blow Your Area
5. I’m About To Blow Your Aria
6. My Birds
7. Neckbrace Pulls At Hurt
8. Ponies Ponies Always Ponies
9. Seppuku With Alice
10. Silence Expands
11. Some People Combine Beverages
12. Stuffing Keeps Going
13. Subliminal Face Breathing Softly
14. Take Back Your Cages
15. Try Reluctantly Hard
16. A Year Without Pants
17. You Get Your Face Blasted
18. Accidental Dismemberment Happens
19. Cannibal Cannibal Times Are The Way
20. Can't Help Loving Myself Because I’m Totally Sweet and There’s No Help For Anyone After All
21. Cephalopod
22. Chickenpurplesman
23. Chromosomes Never Compete With DNA
24. Fast Frenzy
25. Form of Idiocy
26. Fragile Lemon Rang China
27. Frankly I Detest Love Part Two
28. Friends Always Sneeze
29. Hey Aren’t We Partners?
30. High Seven Times
31. I Frankly Detest Love However If I Can’t I Won’t
32. Listen, Fantastic Tits Destroy The Planet Again
33. Obviously Space Cannot Last
34. Outpatient Friendship
35. Phantom Lady Freaks Boats Forward Lightly
36. Sometimes Vibrations Can Happen to Anyone
37. Sweet Mercy For Us
38. The Freaks Are Out Logging Toads While I’m Home
39. Though We Challenge Ourselves To Play Upon The Instruments That We Cherish We Cannot Realize It
40. Three Jolly Benches
41. Yesterday Temptation Struck Hard On Toenails

It's taken me several hours just to compile them and edit some of them. Soon (I hope) they will all be put up on for your listening "pleasure". Just search for ones that happened on November 9, 2007.

In the meantime, take a listen to a recent favorite of mine, A Stew of Water.



johnO said...


1. I'm About To Blow Your Area
2. Some People Combine Beverages
3. Fast Frenzy

Hunter said...

OK, maybe it's outside the idea of the kunjabunja, but Area totally needs to end up on an album, maybe in its current form (secret track, anybody?)

Lythea said...

Oh, how marvelous. It sounds like a giant version of the art parties I've been trying to collect people towards for the past couple months. And I thought I was so original...dammit...

Jordi said...

"Cannibal Cannibal Times are the Way". I'm in love.

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