Monday, November 12, 2007

the best worst game ever

I had a lesson with one of my mandolin students today. She likes to learn Irish fiddle tunes by ear. The process involves me playing the first few notes of the tune over and over until she gets it. Then we add a couple more notes, and a couple more, so that the phrases she's trying to repeat get longer and longer, until she's got the whole tune. Which made realize that what we were doing was playing a real-life version of one my favorite early childhood games that makes the most annoying sounds, Simon. (I only was able to get to 11 playing it just now.)

Anyone else have any favorite childhood games with completely irritating sounds?



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

speak and spell

Jordi said...


The annoying sounds were people saying "Soh-reeeee!" in a condescending fasion as they pushed your piece out of the way and slid it down the "Thermometer of Shame" on the board.

"Sorry!" is really boring as well.

I guess the best sound of "Sorry!" was when we played it while watching porn. Still kind of annoying though when you're trying to concentrate on counting spaces.

I don't know...

Hey! "Anthem"!

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