Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here's what I did: I went to my aunt kelly's in Mt. Vernon. I ate turkey and potatoes and yams with fake sour cream and also ate a vegan pumpkin cheesecake. Then everyone worked on a jigsaw puzzle. Then we went home and watched more Six Feet Under. (We just started season 3) Also, my grandmother gave me some money for helping her make a website to show her art, and with the money, I'm going to buy THIS.

What did other people do for Turkey Day? Put it in the comments!



Rob said...

I went to my brother's house on the Kitsap peninsula. We went for a hike in the grand forest, and then ate dinner. My contribution was green bean casserole, made in Bethany's heirloom casserole dish. After dinner we watched some of the first season of the Muppet show on DVD. Favorite episode: Mummenschanz.

e plus said...

BBQ take-out feast with housemates and dear friends. Player piano, wine, a few hands of hearts. Donovan, Miles Davis, the Beatles, Blue Breakbeats. Then a trip up north to visit fellow midwestern expats for dessert and Xbox and baby-ogling and dog-snuggling and chair-sleeping. A good old fashioned lazy american givethanksing. Lovely.

Rob said...

I went to see my sister in Portland. We ate steak and watched the Lord of the Rings. It was most delightful.

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