Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Anthem: Required Reading

Sooner or later we'll see the clear path ahead and fully embrace edutainment. We've heard that the ABCs at the end of Anthem are useful for youngsters who need more speed in their alphabetic practice. Once recorded, Magic Mouth of Geometric Penta[septa]agrams could help point new counters towards "nine". But do we have anything learnful to say to those with an already firm grasp on numbers and letters? A music professor in Illinois seems to think so.

Last Wensdy I bragged that we were going to get some air time on KUNI, my old college public radio station. KUNI has a huge broadcast area, actually - almost all of eastern Iowa and a thin band of Illinois along the Mississippi, which includes Augustana College in Rock Island. A gentleman who professorizes music there sent us a kind email which concludes:

Incidentally, I am a professor of music at Augustana college in Rock Island Illinois and I thought you might like to know that I'll be teaching "Anthem" in my classes next term (with your permission of course). It is one of the most well-crafted songs I've heard in years. Just thought you should know...

If email was delivered on a truck, this is the route it would have taken:

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Just another example of how the internette renders the big old world in a more manageable scale.



Basil said...

I'm sewing leather patches on the elbows of my suit jacket right now.



Bert Convy!

Matthew said...

Clever. It took me all the way until the end of the post before I realized you weren't actually talking about the Ayn Rand novella. Which, incidentally, was required reading when I was in 8th grade.

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