Monday, November 26, 2007

Faces and Places

She said that she was going to meet me here, at about 6. It's now 7:30 and the cafe just closed with a hearty chain rattle. This place collapses upon itself with depression until it can fit in my palm. I close my hand around it, get up from the outdoor patio furniture and step outside. It's cold, and getting colder. She's not coming. I'll wait until 8, just to make sure.


Anonymous said...

He said that he was going to meet me here, at about 4:00. It's now 5:30, and getting colder. This place is really depressing. He's not coming. I'll wait until 6:00, just to make sure.

Anonymous said...

I hate working nights. This cafe is sucking the life outta me. There's just one guy left in here and I can't hint strongly enough that I want to close up. Probably waiting for someone. Wouldn't it be funny if he was waiting for the woman sitting alone earlier. Hmph. I'll wait until 10:30pm, jus to make sure.

Kirk said...

I hate patrolling this place. I'm convinced the guy at the cafe is dealing weed, but I can't ever catch him. I'd sit down, but my favorite seat has been occupied by not one, but two people. Damn tourists. Wish I could be home watching the game, but I gotta be here until 11.

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