Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pandaparts and the Slow Blog: A Survey

So I'm at work, which has instant quick internet, and our site is really slow to open. All the time. It seems that Blogger needs a moment to cache the YouTube video of our lady panda, then it loads the content.

Is this happening to anyone else? If so, do you give up or wait it out? Are you no longer a fan of this band, or music in general, because of this?


Basil said...

I am also at work, also with Insta-Kwick Internet and have no problem loading the page.
Though I noticed this problem before I posted the Panda video (or "Minus the Bear", if you will). So perhaps it's the huge volume of fans trying to access the site at once during their lunch break. Or maybe it's the Nazis.

Mel Brooks said...

I am also at work and the page takes about 20 seconds to load. Even though I was bored, it did give me time to explain to a co-worker what it means to embed a webpage into another page.

The Minus the Bear joke was very good, but Nazis are not funny unless I am talking about them.

Evan said...

Odd. I am at work and the page loaded instantly. Even at home it loads right away.

Marlon Brando said...

It loads very quickly in Safari on my Mac at my secret island getaway.

I haven't tried accessing it on my Chumby yet.

Gumshoe Pencilwax said...

This is what I gather: I believe that Kirk didn't really post this. It was someone pretending to be Kirk who uses capital letters at the beginning of their sentences.

*Big Book of Cases closing loudly KA-THUNK!*

flamingbanjo said...

You can't go posting a phrase like "panda bear ladypart" in your blog and not expect a surge of website traffic as people who are typing that phrase into a search engine all navigate to your page at once. Fortunately, your little corner of the internet (which is nothing more than a series of tubes, as we all know) will unclog itself as soon as the next hot viral video comes along in, say, fifteen seconds. Problem solved!

Go ahead, try typing 'awesome panda bear ladypart' into Google!

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