Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pop Vocal Group

The Milliondollar Quartet! Available for elderly birthday parties and school lunches.


Glen "Don" Kerns said...

the pond is filling.

Andy Brackman said...

Football's a game that's supposed to be fun, but it's really more fun when you win.

We were all sitting there watching this thinking "they didn't go for it." Now this week we're thinking, "so they thought we thought, football's not really that smart!"

Remember a couple of years ago when all of a sudden the game's changing? More importantly, the question mark, the decision. They kick it right down the feild. And these type of plays, when they work, they're great, but when they don't, it's disaster.

My allergies --whether it's dust or pollen -- for me, a sharp mind is more important than a sharp tool. We're winnowing this down to the grunting.

"I may shit or puke. Or both if I'm lucky. My head fills weird. I just feel fucked up." It's true. You wanna beer? ha! ha!

You can easily get a close shave, even on the neck. That's about it though, isn't it?

If you get a deal on anything in the baby section, let me know. You mean like a breat pump? This will be your last chance to qualify for the big challenge. It's a baby hammock. It's like that fuckin' bigaboo thing. It's like a holiday season. We have it all. My boss is like: high chair, a dance they'd obviously rehearsed together.

Whoa! He's huge and red! That iced it for the Jags. After the game here's individual respect. Oh yeah, we're just gonna keep that chip on our shoulders and keep playing. We gotta play like we hate to lose. And whatever we're not doing right, we gotta fix it.

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