Monday, January 7, 2008

Hello 2008!

In honor of the new year and my first gig with the boys since the kid was born, both of my bass guitars got a tune-up and new strings thanks to the fine staff at American Music
This is not really important besides being a new blog post that isn't a philosophy dissertation. Seriously, who gave David that meth rock and let him loose on the internet? If I wanted to read I'd buy a newspaper. 

And even then, I'd probably stick to the comics and the crossword. 


Sean Nelson said...

ummm... i THINK you'll find it's spelled "bi."

Anonymous said...

No, he just forgot a word.
"I'd [ ] by a newspaper."

What word did Basil forget?

I'd [leap] by a newspaper.
I'd [sing] by a newspaper.
I'd [poop] by a newspaper.

Add more suggestions below.

Basil said...

Fuk yo guys. I spel gud.

evan said...

[be mystified]

Anonymous said...

nice work, Evan. Much better than my suggestion of "poop."

Pete said...

Jesus you guys are tough. The man just had a baby, fer crissakes. He probably hasn't slept in weeks!

I'm guessing spelling is WAY down the list right now.

Basil said...

Thanks Pete. And technically, it's not misspelling, just misuse. Like "your" and "you're" or "principle" and "principal".
Remind me never to run for president of this blog. Jeebus...

President of this Blog said...

As President, I declare today, January 9th, 2008: Pretty Good!