Friday, January 18, 2008

Kunjabunja update

This Wednesday, 44 kunjabunjas were made when we should have been practicing for tomorrow's show at Jules Mae. To listen to them, go to, click on the SEARCH tab, and search by date (January 16, 2008). The titles of the kunjabunjas we made are:
Car Wheels And Pole
Fund Question
Hot Beef
Loyal Servant
The Mirror Was Broke
Nighttime Express
Prepare For The Beginning
Sweat Sweat Powder Powder
Another Day At Sea
Catapult Going Up Or Around
Comas Can't Help Cobras
The Future Indicates Rolling Witchhunts
Hey Little Woman
How I Run My Bank
Ice Cream Store Homeless Man
I'm Going to Put It In the Laundry
The Knob Twinkled Brightly Although Sunday Never Comes
Ladyboy Come Back to Me
My Straps Snapped Back Part 1
My Straps Snapped Back Part 2
My Straps Snapped Back Part 3
Nighttime Again Stop Please
Okay Okay Okay No Ones Gotten Anywhere With Skin
Paradox From The Planet Ocks
Parking Standards Have Go Parking Face
Pick Any Safe Place Ralph
Ramma Samma Damma Damma Capricorn
Somebody Stop Making Love to Me and My Folds Camera
Two Wards Plus Forwards
38 Cancer
We Are In The Crosshairs
Turn Over Arrow Rover
Sign of the X
No More Feelings of Superiority
Farynx Larynx Pie
Bike Lane Savior Where's Your Grammar?
Stripes of Fancy
Stripes of Fancy II
My Finger Hurts My Finger Hurts It Doesn't Okay
Gone Is The Kirk Gone
Foot Boat Step Flakes
Yes Elbow Lowdown
The Church of Group Recycling


P.S. The kunjabunja site doesn't work so well with Internet Explorer. Actually, no one should ever use IE. It's terrible. Instead try Mozilla Firefox.


David's lawyer said...

David means Wednesday, not Thursday.

David said...

Oops, yes I meant Wednesday. Thanks Lawyer!

David said...

There I chaged it to Wednesday.

Pete said...

Get back to work! Damn lazy hippies...

mumble grumble LBJ grumble offa my lawn etc.

Christopher said...

See, if you-all were using MS IE, you'd have no choice but to be working - because your boss would know when you were goofing off!

Oh, wait. Nevermind.