Monday, January 14, 2008

The Big Time

I am officially living the dream of being a working musician. Today I performed for the largest audience that I've ever been in front of before. At The Convention Center. Playing Louie Louie.

It was a crack team of musicians - myself, Evan, my Half-Brother Rick (torso pictured above), and Alana, Todd, and Brendan from Miss Mamie's White Boy Band. The event was a conventioneer's convention. How very meta.

This photo doesn't do justice to the magnitude of the whole thing - The room, the projection screens, the stacks of high-tech gear backstage - it was just massive.

The kickoff to the convention featured such Seattle luminaries as The Total Experience Gospel Choir, Teatro ZinZanni veteran Kevin Joyce, the Pike Place Market Fish Throwers, and Tom Skerritt. ("Please! Have your convention here in Seattle, hometown of Tom Skerritt!")

Mr. Skerritt's entrance to the stage was accompanied by the song "Danger Zone" from Top Gun. We saw him wince shortly before going on.

Our big moment was introduced by none other than Governor Christine Gregoire. After a brief speech about how fantastic the Pacific Northwest is and how everyone should spend their money here, she announced that the 'house band' was going to play Washington's unofficial state song. The curtain was pulled, and thus our one minute and 20 seconds of glory began. The horns, after playing the first part of the riff on stage with us, then strutted off the stage and wove through the crowd toward the exits in back, joined by members of the Seahawks Blue Thunder Drum Corps. The room was so huge that Rick, Todd and I had to try to ignore the one-second delay of the horns' melody bouncing back up to us. Once they had exited, the curtain was drawn and the song was over.

Quite the surreal experience being paid so much for doing so little.


Basil said...

Subj: Re: "Quite the surreal experience being paid so much for doing so little."

(dude, shuuuut uuuup)

What's that Governor Gregoire? No no, we were just discussing what kind of gruel to buy with our measly musician's pittance...

Ross said...

off topic, but i was intruiged when i read your write-up in the stranger back in september for "here's what happened" - but for reasons i cant remember, wasn't able to make it to the show. looking forward to seeing you guys for the first time at the tractor!

Rob said...

Wow, you're the house band for the entire state of Washington!

Or something.

Pete said...

Welcome to the big time, boys. Pay no attention to that shrivelling-up-inside feeling: it's just your soul dying.

On the plus side, the buffet is usually pretty good!

evan said...

The craft services area was quite well-stocked. But the egg ham and cheese crossanwich was kind of a gut-rocket.

Also, I believe Guv Chris referred to us as "Rockstar Band". Like that was our name or something.

Also also, thanks Ross! See you at the Tractor!

Anonymous said...

I found it amusing that even though I had asked every ASM I could find to verify that Gov Gregoire was fully aware that we would be marching behind her and that I did not want to smack into her and leave the gig in the custody of the State Patrol, what did I observe immediately after turning right to center state? Gov Gregoire backing up directly into my path, while engaging in an action that I must assume was "dancing."

I don't know if we were on those giant monitors while marching, but I hope the Heisman Trophy-worthy move I made to avoid her was appreciated by those in the audience who may have witnessed it.

I suppose that if I had collided with her, my fee for the gig would have covered my bail...

flamingbanjo said...

It is illegal in this state to strike the governor with a brass instrument, and it has been since 1894. So your successful evasion of Gov. Gregoire was well-considered.

Also, the statute in question stipulates that bail must be paid in livestock.

Christopher said...

Skerrit just should be thankful they didn't play the theme song from M*A*S*H instead.

And Gov. Chris is such a dork! Doesn't she know that "Louie Louie" is the OFFICIAL STATE ROCK SONG! It's totally true!

While it would be great if you became the official "WA State House Band", but I have a sneaky feeling she meant something more along the lines of "WA Convention & Trade Center Official House Band", which just doesn't have the same ring to it.