Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lost + Destruction

Writing from inside the studio on our first day working on the next album. Thanks to all who came out to Jules Maes last night. Most likely, your journey to the great Georgetown saloon was like this:

Step 1: "Where is Airport Way again? I can never remember."
Step 2: "What is this road closed sign? Well...let's just take the next road over."
Step 3: "Another road closed sign? Oh hell, let's just drive through this one."
Step 4: "Okay, we can't get through this blockade. But I can see the Jules Maes sign up ahead!"
Step 5: "Holy crap! They're destroying that building! Let's get some beers and watch!"

On behalf of Jose Bold, the Half Bros., and "A", thank you for venturing into the unknown to git down with us.


Rachel said...

So sorry I missed the show! I heard it was tops.

evan said...

They were literally tearing the damn building down while we loaded in. Georgetown is exciting! It was fun to be there with so many of your good faces. Let's do it again sometime.

Anonymous said...

Jose was mmm mmm BOLD, the Half Brothers will always be whole to me and Awesome was well, lets just say it, Awesome!!!
Buildings were literally crumbling in the wake of these on stage giants.
(ok, that was over the top, right?)

Thanks guys for a GREAT night.


Lythea said...

Yesss...that was one of best Awesome shows I've seen, and that's saying quite a bit. Both the neophytes that were brought want to go next time, of course.

Christopher said...

Yeah, it's kind of creepy when life starts looking like an elaborate computer-generated Hollywood blockbuster special effect!

And except for the beer part (I was drinking bourbon), that was EXACTLY how my evening went!

Anonymous said...

I love you guys and that was a great show. But please never play She's an Angel again. It's redundant. And you're cooler than that.