Wednesday, January 9, 2008


It's my day to post.  I didn't sleep right last night.  I'm nostrils-deep in "committee work" at my jobbyjob.  So without further ado:  Laziest Post Ever.

Happy birthday, Dave Matthews.  Maybe I'll run into you at Lighthouse Coffee someday and tell you how much my dad used to like you.


Basil said...

"Hey man, you want a toke- aw shit, I dropped it"

"I'm Dave Matthews and I have THIS much talent"

"[insert tiny dick joke here]"

"Can I interest you in a purple nirple?"

"Wurldz teeneest violin. I has it."

johnO said...

Dave and I used to live in the same neighborhood and I would see him every once in a while. I am also not embarrased to admit I was a Dave fan in college.

JohnA said...

The wife-to-be and I have an ongoing row about Dave Matthews vs. Phish. Obviously, Phish is better. Plus, she saw DM at the Wallingford QFC a few years ago pushing around a shopping cart filled to the top with beer.

Jordi said...

"Sometimes I'm mug-shot Jeremy Piven and my hand looks like a chicken's head".

(The Word Verification code to this one was: "ddeasoov". I dare you to Kunjabunja it.)

Wife-to-be said...

Obviously, JohnA is wrong.

JohnA said...

um, honey, let's discuss this at home and not on the blogosphere, 'kay?

p.s. dm sux