Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our New Kittens!

We just got these two. They're from different litters but are inseparable. They're both around 6 months old. The gray one is SUPER affectionate, and loves to play fetch. You throw a little red ball and he pounces on it and then brings it back for you to throw again. The striped one is a little more shy and hid under the bed for most of the first day we brought him home, but then came out at night to wrestle with his friend and then sleep on our feet. And occasionally nip at them. Actually, they're both feet biters. But they don't bite too hard. Just saying "hello! Night time = play time! play with me! Oh, did you think you were going to get some sleep tonight? Oh no! not at all! hee hee hee!"

Okay, the thing is, we don't have names for them yet. (The names they had were gawd awful.) Anyone have any suggestions?



flamingbanjo said...

No suggestions until I hear the godawful names you're seeking to replace.

evan said...

Gary and Todd
Arnold and Willis
Jason and Bateman
Akbar and Jeff
Loggins and Messina

johnO said...

Caged Fear & Tennis
Galoob & Kenner
Prince Slavery & Princess Gorp
Chocolate Chip Muffin & Lord Decliciousnesse

Actually, I think Evan's 'Loggins & Messina' is the best

Gillian said...

Fetchy & Bitey
Or maybe just Bitey and Bitey 2 - you can alternate!

Victoria said...

Pompeii and Vesuvius.

Lythea said...

The striped one looks like a Blitzkrieg to me. Make of that what you will.

Rob said...

Tenspeed and Brownshoe
Shields and Yarnell
Holmes and Yo-Yo

Pete said...

Synecdoche and Metonymy!

Kirk said...

simon | simon
hardcastle | mccormick
mccormick | schmicks
chips | salsa
beans | rice
mother juggs | speed
mittens | the soulkeeper
the man from snowy river | the river
football | baseball
senior scratch | lazy linda
tiger woods | another golfer
happy happy 5000 | rajj
taco bell | taco time
barfy | pukey
yellow, the color | yellow, the song by coldplay
supreme court justice antonin scalia | supreme court justice anthony kennedy
hey | what
elton john | elton john's hat
the academy awards | the writer's srike

BunnyMaker said...

I third the vote for Loggins & Messina. I also like Synecdoche & Metonymy (they can be two of the geekiest cats ever. Would they get beaten up on the playground for those names, or would they grow up overcompensating for the names and beat up everyone who tried to make fun of them?), and most of Kirk's list (Simon & Simon! Ha! Chips & Salsa! hehe!).

Alfreda said...

1. Loggins & Messina
2. Faerp & Faerm
3. Moustache Ride & Happy Trail
4. Herb & Larry

David said...

The original names, by the way: Balloo (the gray one) and Sir Lance-a-little (the stripy one)

flamingbanjo said...

Okay, of the two only "Sir Lance-a-Little" technically qualifies as godawful in my book.

Unfortunately, I can't come up with anything to rival Loggins & Messina or Fetchy and Bitey. If it was just one, I might suggest General Bonkers, but alas. Rogers & Hammerstein? Phobos and Deimos? Lenny and Squiggy? Bob and Doug? Harold and Kumar?

Basil said...

How about David and Jen?


David said...

Just throwing this out there, but the two names don't HAVE to be some matching pair, like Ike & Tina. They COULD be just two good names. Just saying.

rachel said...

Balloo is obviously a reference to the Jane Fonda film, "Cat Ballou," which is actually pretty cute. I vote that you keep Ballou.

rachel is wrong said...

(rachel said... ) DENIED!!!!

Balloo is obviously a reference to the Walt Disney film, "Jungle Book", which is actually pretty cute. Balloo is a bear! Not Jane Fonda! Look for the Bear Necessities! THE SIMPLE BARE NECESSITIES!

Jordi & Tangocash said...

If You Win You'll Get This Shiny Fiddle Made of Gold & If You Lose The Devil Gets Your Soul.

Kunja & Bunja

& & And

David & Hates Pair-y Names

Pete said...

Balloo is a great name for a cat.

Just sayin'.

Rachel said...

I stand corrected, RIW. Balloo from the Jungle Book is also cute, but c'mon! Cat Ballou (*for a cat*) is a much better reference. Plus, this is her theme song:

Cat Ballou, Cat Ballooooou,
She's mean and evil through and through...

How great is that?

Either way, the cats are adorable and will withstand even the silliest of names. Congrats, Kitty parents!

Basil said...

Warlock + Hammerschool

JohnA said...

for god's sake, please name the damn cats so we can all GET BACK TO WORK.

Anonymous said...

How about Rubin and Ed.
"My cat can eat a whole watermelon."
Sounds meant to be to me.


Christopher said...

Huntley & Brinkley

Grey Poupon & Peanut Butter

Chico & The Man

San & Reas

Rhythm & Blue

Beans & Weenie

Anonymous said...

jacket and hatch.

evan said...

RUBIN and ED for the WIN!

Jordi & _____ said...

Crispin Glover & Danny Glover
Phil Collins & "Easy Lover"

Hey! We're naming cats like it's 1999!

Ida said...

Okay, look: I don't know who that Gillian is up there...either there is another Gillian in the Awesomeiverse or someone was using my computer.

And it's not like I thoroughly read any of the other suggestions, so I'm just going to say that when Erin and I were little (like, I was four and she was two) we named our two kittens Grey-White-White and Black-White-White.

The mother of those kittens--named by our father--was Moody Blue.

Whatever you name your kittens, you will NEVER SURPASS THAT BRILLIANCE.

(Although I suppose it could be inferred that mentioning the name "Moody Blue" is a vote for Loggins & Messina...)

montana said...

Lemonjello & Orangejello (the Ebonics pronunciation - leMAHNjelo & orAHNjelo)

David said...

Update: We've been calling the fluffier stripier scaredier one William Carlos Williams. (But sometimes I still call him Bitey.) Nothing has stuck with the little gray fetchy one.

Jen said...

i asked william carlos williams what he thought of the proffered names for his young friend, at which point he purposefully walked over to the computer and paced around on the keyboard. this is what he said:


i'm not kidding. and i think that last bit is a form of cautionary advice..............

at any rate, if anyone is able to translate cat typing, i'd like to know what his entry might mean.

if that doesn't prompt something, i think we might go with Balloo Loggins-Kant

Rob said...

I recommend Schnapps or Blunt Instrument.