Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I got a baby.

This is Nora.
She was born on Dec. 22.
She's pretty rad.
Thanks to Molly for the threads.


Rob said...

Hey man, nice baby!

Hunter said...

Yup, that's a baby.

Anonymous said...

Wow - all I got was an ugly bag.

Score! She is rad. Nice one-sie.

evan said...

I got a Kaoss Pad, which is only slightly less complicated than your beautiful baby. Can I sample some of her baby sounds?

Congrats Basil, I can't wait to meet your new roommate!

Pete said...

Excellent baby-getting! I hope you kept the receipt, because the latest batch of babies have some quality-control issues.

However, I'm sure you got one of the good ones! See you soon!

montana said...

Not ANOTHER groupie!

Travis Bedard said...

Baz that's awesome.

Love, Jordi said...

CONGRATULATIONS to your new family!
How wonderful and what a lucky little gal.

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