Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Exercise Your Right to Vote

By stuffing the ballot box!
Just kidding. Unless you live in Panama.
Good times.

The fine bloggers at Three Imaginary Girls have opened up their "Best of 2007" poll for the voting

And a little radio station known 'round here as KEXP has got one too.  

As a reminder: 
The band is called "Awesome"
The album is called Beehive Sessions
We will accept nothing less than total world domination.

Fear! Does not Exist! In this dojo!

P.S. We're also auctioning off an original song for The Stranger's Annual Benefit Auction. Why haven't you bid on it yet?  


Jordi the Number Six Fan! said...

Basil...have you had your Karate Kid yet?

Basil said...

In the words of Antonio Banderas: "No Tyet..."

Jordi the Number Six Fan! said...

Okay. Well, have you seen the Sylvester Stallone / Sharon Stone / Rod Steiger romp "The Specialist"? Rod Steiger AS Antonio Banderas:
"I will find theees...esssplosseev esspert!"

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