Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oscar: worthy?

Apparently not worthy of a waiver from the WGA, reports Annie at Slog.

Take that, Dick Clark Productions!

Judging from the comment thread on that post, I'm not the only one who CANNOT WAIT to see what this writers' strike will do to Hollywood. And especially to the Academy Awards, the most bloated, asinine, self-congratulatory industry stroke-fest of all the Awards. Truly, I'm filled with gleeful dread and anticipation. Like when you put your army men in the microwave - nothing really happens at first and then - EWWWW!! Awesome!!
Maybe after the strike is done microwaving Hollywood, there'll be something better to make out of that puddle of green plastic goo. Or at least people will realize that the writers (and musicians and actors, for that matter) who devote themselves to making things pretty, clever, thoughtful, entertaining and (ugh, okay) "magical", deserve the right to make a decent living at it.  

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