Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Destroying walls exactly where they used to be

It's my day to blog so here I am with Part 2 of 3:  Doc Nixon's Entropy Express!    

Thought of all of you at the Rendezvous last night - I was chillaxin' in Iowa City with our man Johnny K., who's there studying to be a Master of the Fine Art of Directing.  Things I noticed: A) nearly everyone chain-smokes in the bars here.  It made me homesick.  B) I still have a difficult time succinctly describing what we do to folks with no context other than a common friend, even if that friend directed one of our... entertainments.  C) Hunky Dory is a good album to rock while driving home on tiny Iowan roads at 2:30AM.  

Oh, I miss you pretty things.


flamingbanjo said...

Is there life on Mars?

Anonymous said...

B) um, buy them a drink?

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