Saturday, December 8, 2007

Did you see the comet last night?

Thanks to all who stuffed themselves into the legendary Comet last night. It was a rite of rock passage to play there with you. Things I learned:

I. Eux Autres is pronounced "Ooz oh-truh"
II. The windows at the Comet can withstand the monster drumming of John from Fishboy
III. BOAT is catchy music, 'tell you whut
IIII. Don't eat Italian before a show
IIIII. Capitol Hill chicks could totally beat the crap out of Fremont chicks
IIIIII. I need a new amp...with lasers
IIIIIII. Brian Flobosh is in town

Holiday cheer all 'round ye'all.


Anonymous said...

i want pictures!

johnO said...

so do we! we'll search around...

evan said...

Found a picture, embedded in a show review over at Three Imaginary Girls. Everyone wins!

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