Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two Awkward Sideways Manmbraces, Avec Moustaches

That is all.

Oh, wait!  Anyone who hasn't seen the Sgt. Rigsby show in which I'm providing kooky karakter voices:  if you want to see it this (closing) weekend, I recommend you buy your tickets now.  We're likely to sell out.  Here's some reviews.  


montana said...

Evan, I didn't know you were black! But then again, I just found out that John is half Japanese. I actually don't see color. (Skin color, that is. I see lots of other real colors.) Which is funny since I've been told I'm quite racist.

Christopher said...

Will be there Thursday - with lots of Chloraseptic, so's I don't cough during, or, all over the performance.

Britt M said...

you found the picture!

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