Friday, February 8, 2008

Bing and a Bang

About a year and a half ago, I emailed Paul Gude to ask if we could borrow his video camera. We were headed to Helena, MT to perform noSignal, and we wanted to document our very first road trip. His response is printed below:

John, I will make you a bargin.

You may take this camera to Mon-tah-na, but in exchange you must complete a Paul Gude tribute album within one year.

The album will be entitled, "Paul Gude Made Me Do This So I Could Borrow His Camera"

It should contain the following songs:

Monocarbon Driver
Mr. Destructo
I Walk the Walk
Open My Arm
Two Grand in My Hand
150 Flea
Bing and a Bang
Not Your Friend

I will provide copies of my versions and lyrics. You are under no obligation to make it good. You can just beat on a bucket if you like.

I'm a little behind, but I just finished the first song, "Bing and a Bang", and you can listen to it here.


Mr. Destructo said...

Sounds great! Maybe the album will be eligible for next year's Grammy awards. "Best Hawaiian Album"?

Mrs Roboto said...

John, you rock! (Gude too)

flamingbanjo said...

This is so cool. Can't wait to hear more.

John Galt said...

Dude. Seriously - this is great. I had the original, but I never understood the lyrics.

sgnp said...

I am so happy!

David said...

Hey, do other "Awesome" members get to play this game or is it just you?

flamingbanjo said...

Oh please, please please get other "Awesome" members involved!

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