Saturday, February 16, 2008

"If this song were a baby, it would have a glorious robotic mustache."

Each week I assign my students to do reviews of albums and of kunjabunjas. The above is a quote from one of these reviews. Here's some more from this week's crop of reviews:

"like a cat fighting with a frying pan."

"like a band of urban dwellers that have gone camping for the first time, and made the mistake of stealing a grizzly bear’s honey, and are now running blindly through the thick forest. "

"like spending a day with dumb farm animals: a young goat that is constantly “faerping” in a high-pitched squeak, a mindless cow that only says “oh” or “uh oh” instead of mooing, and an overly-warm dog that breathes heavily all the time."

"A bass, the voice of the town elder, grunts commands at the executioners."

"I could picture this music being played in an alien porno and they are just about to get it on..."

"This sounds more like a recording of some very cold people riding the Tilt a Whirl at the annual fair in Antarctica. The melody is created by their uncontrollable shivering and teeth chattering, as they swing round and round in their little cars"

"But then came the rebellious twang of the banjo, and I was immediately pulled out of my exotic Amazon fantasy."



Hunter said...

God, now I am dying to hear the kunjabunja that would have the glorious robotic 'stache!

JohnA said...

yeah! Hey, David, how about a follow-up post with links to the songs they were referencing?

David said...

Okay, I went back and added links in the post itself.

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