Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Day In The Studio With Jon Auer

Here we are in the studio once again.

This time we're recording a special song with Jon Auer (of the Posies) -- that fellow who produced our Beehive Sessions album:

(Don't you love photobooth?)
Here's another picture of him:

The song we're recording today is a brand new one called "I'm on T.V.". It's for Puppet Entertainment Television -- they won a Strangercrombie auction so we get to make a song for them. It's all for charity and stuff. I love charity. Here's me loving charity:

Recording is fun. Oh yeah. uh-huh. You know it.



leavin' town said...

hey, that looks like fun!

I'm gonna quit my day job here in St. Louis... see you guys in Seattle tomorrow!


Pete said...

Holy Mirror Image, Batman! The place you're in is the exact duplicate of MY place, except in reverse! Whooaoaoaoaoaoaaoaoaoaoaooaoaooaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaooaooaoaoao!!!!!!!!!

BenRifkah said...

Is that "you know it" sarcastic? Or is it surreal, like some strange stage performance where you keep repeating it while thrusting your arms forward: "You knoooow it... You knoooow it... You knoooow it..."?

David said...

You knoooow it!

Kalimar Shuckdeday!

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