Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's in the box??

The stand I ordered for my bass amp was finally delivered yesterday.
I knew it was an amp stand right away. Observe:

Says so right there on the box:
Amp Stand! A stand upon which to put my amp!
Amp stand amp stand amp stand amp stand. 
It's fun to say, isn't it?

The weird part is that this was round two of my customer interaction with a normally great online retailer
In the first round, I got a box marked "Lg. guitar." Of course, I hadn't ordered a lg. guitar, I'd ordered an amp stand. Still, maybe the boys in the warehouse were re-using boxes. Whatever fits, and so forth.

However,  upon opening that box, I found neither an amp stand, nor a lg. guitar, but a speaker stand (not a stand for an amp. A stand for a speaker. Which I don't have).
Not a problem. The boys in the warehouse, hard workers that they are, must've grabbed the wrong box. Indeed, upon further inspection, I found bar-code stickers for both items on the same box.
Scanner error! Simple mistake! Happens to the best of us! If I had a nickel for every scanner error I've made! 
And so forth.
Those boys in the warehouse have a lot of boxes to haul. My hat's off to them.
In fact, I sent my hat back to them in the speaker stand box when I exchanged it. 

But after yesterday's delivery, I'm a little confused. Our boys in the warehouse, looking to fill an amp stand order, had not originally grabbed the box marked "Amp Stand" printed on two sides in big, black letters, but instead chose the box marked "Lg guitar." You know, the one with the speaker stand in it. The one with two bar codes on it. 

I think someone's messing with the good fellows working in the warehouse. 

Or else someone's messing with me, in which case, know this, whoever you are:
Amp stand! Amp stand! Amp stand! Amp stand Amp stand! Amp stand!


Gillian said...

What if the box right next to it had said "ampersand?" Because that would have been a real pickle!

A real pickle!

Jordi said...

The greatest retail mistake I ever witnessed was when I worked at a record store; a disgruntled lady came in with her recently purchased Enya "Watermark" cd dying to kill the first person she saw in our store because the curtains didn't match the drapes.
Rather, what you heard when you pressed PLAY wasn't what an Enya fan would expect to hear.

The lady insisted we put in the disc to hear for ourselves. Instead of hearing the muted Greek chorus-like warbling that heralds the beginning of every Enya song (ever) we heard this:

*PSHHHH!* (breaking glass followed by unmistakable guitar opening)


We all listened to the results of someone's practical joke at the Enya factory as every song was replaced with all the songs from Billy Joel's "Glass Houses".

We were loving it. The lady was furious. It didn't help that my friend Jeremy said to her: "What's wrong with you? This is 'Glass Houses'!"

And that's how amp stands were invented.

Theee End.

Hunter said...

Maybe the message on the box wasn't an indication of its contents, but was rather instructing you to go to your amp and do a handstand on it?

Come on, has nobody else ever done an amp stand?

JohnA said...

Well, yeah, in college, but I could never do one NOW.

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