Friday, February 29, 2008

I moved here in part because of Shawn Kemp

I know it's a pain the ass to drive on Denny (or to go East-West anywhere in this North-South city) so while I'd welcome the absence of traffic, I think it sucks that the NBA allowed all this to happen to the Supersonics. If any of you ever meet Howard Schultz, and if you have my phone number, please do this:

1. Call me.

2. Grab Howard.

3. Hold on to him tight.

4. Don't let him buy his way out.

I'll be there as soon as I can. Leave the rest to me.


flamingbanjo said...

I used to love going to Sonics games back when Kemp, Shrempf, Nate, Payton and Perkins were playing. That was an awesome team.

But what the current ownership is doing amounts to extortion, and after paying for two stadiums we didn't want (keep the change, fellas!) and constantly being told there's no money for things we actually need, I was heartened to see Seattle finally tell the spoiled little child that professional sports has become "No."

Plus, this leaves open the opportunity for "Awesome" to start its own NBA franchise.

evan said...



johnO said...

Do NOT forget Hersey! The Hawk was my fav Sonic in the late-90s lineup.

BenRifkah said...

Snow was always my favorite from that era. Not that I was a HUGE sonics fan or even that into basketball. The sonics were the first team that I really paid attention to.

It's a bummer that they're leaving, but at the same time. The sonics that I remember have been gone for a long time.

A friend called me the other day with an extra ticket asking if I wanted to go. I was pretty tempted especially since a) I had never been to a basketball game let alone a sonics game b) this would probably be one of my last chances to see them.

I had to pass because... Well, what's the point? I didn't even have anything else planned.

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