Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You cubig to da sho dunnite?

I god a hedkold so I won be sigig or togging much.
Bud das okay, zins I jus playig bays mossly.
You shud ztil gum ad zee us play eddyway. 

Alzo, brig me sum Sudfed? Udderwize I my drowd in flem.


Pete said...

You'll be bantering onstage though. Right? Right??

Basil said...

Ub kowrs.

Anonymous said...

Sick Basil is so darling

Anonymous said...

careful! Mine started the same way and turned into bronchitis.

mo-nonymous said...

Mine started the same way, too, but turned into a brontosaur. Rooaaaarrrr!

god said...

I saw you guys this day.

if not "awesome," you were at least very, very good.