Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Awesome" Live on KEXP tonight at 8pm!

Listen with your ears! or 90.3 on your FM dialtone.


Hunter said...

That is cool enough to merit a drabble to "Awesome."

"I cleaned out the storage unit."

"Did you see my oar?"


"Maybe I left it in Delaware."

"Hang on, telephone." Shaun picks up. "Yes?... No… Yeah, I asked that canuck chick, Sherrie, if she wanted an American boyfriend; she was all, ‘Get away from me!’"

I listen to the man with the bullhorn outside the window. "Are you aware that our very lives can be reduced to ones and zeroes? We’re all just a memory leak in the cosmic algorithm!"

"What crap," says Shaun.

"We all believe in something. Everyone has an anthem."

"I don’t even believe in faith."

(originally posted on my site at Drabbling Daily)

Who can find all the songs? If I remember right and didn't miss any just now, there are twelve.

Really looking forward to the show tonight; I've convinced friends and relations around the world that they should be listening.

BunnyMaker said...

Good luck, guys! I'm looking forward to hearing it. I can't imagine how insane it'll be trying to get all of you into that tiny little space. And all of you trying to talk at the same time during the interview... hilarity will ensue.

Rob said...

If I were not out of town this weekend I would verily tune in and listen and find it excellent.

Hunter said...

Man, guys, that was GREAT, if sadly short...

BenRifkah said...

James Nixon? Did he just say James Nixon?

BunnyMaker said...

Wonderful job, guys! That was probably the most excited I've been for a radio show in years. Too bad it couldn't have been longer: 25 minutes just wasn't enough. Not enough of the witty banter. Not enough music. More time! More time!!!

But wonderful, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. That sounded great. did you change some of the harmonys?
Also, i really liked that harpschord sounding thingy during "the boy from...." it sounded so real. Was that just a setting on the keyboard? Anyway, great job. For some reason the same songs always sound new... what is the secret?

evan said...

Thanks for listening, all you good listeners! It felt good, the feeling of all the listening. For all you who missed the show and want to know what it feels like to listen:


Start Day: Sat, Mar. 15, 2008
Hour: 8pm