Sunday, March 2, 2008

egg nachos!

Yes, that lemon ginger moose was amazing, but what David didn't tell you was the culinary miracle that occurred a few minutes before dessert was served. After an amazing visit to Taco Island, there came the idea to make nachos using the remainder of the taco island ingredients. When confronted with a lack of extra cheese, I hit on the idea of using the leftover eggs that we had saved from breakfast. Already cooked with some scallion and dill, the eggs were the perfect thing to top the nachos as sort of a cheese substitute. Sort of like migas, sort of like a breakfast burrito... egg nachos for everyone!


pete said...

This looks like a job for "Cook It Again, America!"

Maybe we should ask david to code up some sort of web mechanism that would allow people to post their own recipes there!

Matthew said...

Did you know: The lemon ginger moose is the rarest, most endangered type of moose. We shouldn't feel bad for them, though; the lemon and ginger aid their digestion, which in turn fuels their insatiable thirst. For human blood. Lemon ginger moose are lean, mean, pleasantly scented killing machines. True story. Glad you made it back safe.

flamingbanjo said...

I've got a recipe for disaster I'd be happy to share.

Basil said...

And I've got an appetite for destruction. It's a perfect match.

Made in Hell!

johnO said...


Boooo, myself.