Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Matthew Echert

Here are my favorite Matthew Echert birthday songs, not in order:

"High Price on Our Heads," Circle Jerks
"Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Theme," Vince Guaraldi
"Don't Give Up," Peter Gabriel
"8 Ball (Remix)," N.W.A.
"Apache," Incredible Bongo Band
"Water No Get Enemy," Fela Kuti
"Happy Birthday," by the Happy Birthdays

The rest of the band (except Rob) is sorry that we couldn't go to your birthday party. We had to take care of the baby.


Pete said...

Nice post, Colonel Randomlinks. That Rob guy is unreal.

Matthew said...

Aw, thanks Kirk and band! No sorry-being is necessary. I had a great birthday, pre-birthday-party dinner, birthday party, after-birthday-party, and after-after. All those hyphens and I wasn't even hung over today.

I'm still digesting the full breadth of all those links. Particularly about the Baconator(tm). Alas, I fear I am no longer within Wendy's late-teen-to-young-male-oriented-adult Baconator(tm) demographic, though I was in a Wendy's today. What can I say, the heart wants what it wants. By which I mean, the heart wants coronary artery disease. Oh yeah.

Also, you're freaking me out with the ugly people there. Flagrant misuse of the internets, which are primarily for pictures of cats. Captions are optional.