Thursday, March 13, 2008

Exam Time!

As I am blogging this, the students of my Music & Philosophy course are taking their final exam. Here you can see the first page of it, where they are required to label the parts of the banjo. How many parts can YOU label? (Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Also as a part of the exam, I played a song and the students had to write a review of it. The song I chose? "Old Pervert" from The Soft Boys' 1980 album Underwater Moonlight.

The rest of the exam had boring questions like How does Eduard Hanslick expand on his characterization of music as "tonally moving forms" (and on Kant's characterization of music as "just a beautiful play of sensations)?

Oh look, the first person just finished, with an hour and a half to spare. Hmm....



flamingbanjo said...

1.They're called "Madges."
2. The "pump."
3. The "Salutation."
4. The "Gutter."
5. G
6. G Minus
7. Also G
8. G Again
9. G Plus
10. "Cabeza."
11. "Acorn."
12. "Chutzpah."
13. "Dalyrimple."

Counsel said...

david, i will efficiently comment on two of your posts at once by letting you that the Old Pervert is conveniently located in nearby Portland, OR.

BenRifkah said...

1. Tuning pegs?
2. The Queen peg?
3. Bridge
4. String origin?
5-9. E, A, D, G, B?
10. Scroll
11. Fret origin?
12. Neck
13. I'm pretty sure you told me what this was years ago but I have no idea.

Posted while listening to tonights awesome KEXP show.

What fun!

P.S. Hi Counsel!

Hunter said...

I would name them...

5. Eduardo
6. Guiseppe
7. Pun'kin
8. Geoffrey
9. Lil Smoky