Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well wed, well wed!

Today was the wedding of two good friends: Johnny Kaufmann (who directed noSignal, among many many other things), and Brynn Hambly (production manager for <symphony>, among many many other things). Both of them are such wonderful people. The ceremony was in Volunteer park, and was done in the round. My favorite part was after the vows were said and they just took a moment looking into each other's eyes, totally happy and full of love. I admit it, I totally teared up.

The reception was at a nearby mansion. Drinks were drunk. Emmy, Sarah, and Jen were WASTED! (Jen is reading this over my shoulder and says: "Hey! I wasn't THAT wasted! I drink your milkshake!") It was fucking great. Dinner was et, toasts were made, and then the Half Brothers played. Man, I've never seen people dance so hard to bluegrass music. After that an iPod was plugged into the sound system and I danced to Madonna and George Michaels and I tried (and failed) to remember the Humpty Hump.

Anyway, big congrats to Johnny & Brynn.



Sarah said...

Hey! I wasn't THAT wasted, either! Jen drink your milkshake!

Incendiary Bouzouki said...

Exhibit A.

Dept. of Waste Management said...

Sure, that's what they all say.