Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here I am, rock me like a...

Right now I'm in class. My students are taking their final exam, and thank god there's wi-fi. I'm already bored. I ordered some good earplugs. Now what? Maybe I'll give the 5 readers of this blog a Band update.

I. Still jazzed from Sasquatch. Here's Chris Walla watching us play. He doesn't look very happy in this picture. But he said he actually liked it. Hm.

II. Excited about playing the show this Friday (that's tomorrow, for those of you reading this today, and today for those of your reading this tomorrow.) At the Sunset in Ballard. It's a CD release party for The Half Brothers. Jose Bold will open! Yay! (Don't forget to listen to his fantastic latest album.) ALSO! We decided to let Half Brother Rick Miller decide the "Awesome" setlist, so there's a few songs on there we haven't played in a while. AND we'll be debuting a BRAND NEW song called Egg Will Crack.

III. Still recording the newest album, albeit* slowly. So far we've pretty much finished recording The Man With The Bullhorn, What They Do, The Magic Mouth of Geometric Septagrams (or was it Pentagrams?), Away From Me, and Yes/No. We're so busy that we can only go into the recording studio about once a month. We're recording these at Dubtrain Records run by our good friend Pete. This is also where the new Half Brothers album, Half & Half & Half was recorded. It's a really relaxed and fun atmosphere. When we get bored of recording we go play smash 'em up video games in Pete's living room.
* I used to pronounce this word "Al Bay".

IV. This summer! A few shows are lined up, but we've also got a couple band weddings in the works, so no big out of town tours are being scheduled. However, we are working on a new show that hopefully we'll be doing at ACT later in the fall, as a part of their Central Heating Lab program. It's called The "Awesome" Cycle. We've got 4 weekends, and each will be different. That's about all we can say at this point...

V. Longer term stuff... There's an even BIGGER full-scale theatrical/musical piece (if you've seen Delaware or noSignal, you know what we're talking about) that's in the works for fall of '09. But that's very hush-hush.

VI. Things we really need to get working on: (a) t-shirts. Man, we had some for a while there but then we slacked off. We were making them all by hand and that takes time! (b) videos. Why we don't have any videos yet is beyond me. Actually, I know why: again, time. It takes time. Someday some weirdo filmmaker will say, "Okay boys. I've got an idea for a video for your song ____. Just meet me in the woods this Saturday at 9am and I'll take care of the rest." And we'll never be heard from again.

(Hey, speaking of merch: Anyone know anyone that would wanna sit at the merch table and sell CDs for us on Friday? You'd get in free, get free CDs and we'd even pay you, like $25 American.)

That's all I can think of. Any other band members wanna chime in?



Al Bay said...

Way to spill the world-domination plans!
Why don't you just publish my PIN number while you're at it? (It's 6197, by the way)

Flam Bay said...

I'm on fire!

Jordi the Friend said...

On the t-shirt tip: how about shoehorns? The Cramps used to sell foot long shoehorns with a sexy Cramps logo on it. It sold like hotcakes.


Scratch shoehorns:
"Awesome" Hotcakes!


You guys did waffles.


(Never mind....)

"Only trying to help!"

(Tap dance.)

johnO said...

I think we should produce Jordi's play

Puppet Entertainment TV said...

I've got an idea for a video.. you guys don't even need to be there :)

e bay said...

Now that you have Al's PIN number you should check out all these great deals I have on crockery.