Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"A" Photo of the Day

"Awesome" the Band, First Photo Shoot
When we were young and short-haired and wet and there were less of us.

Courtesy of our scientologicianist colleagues at buzzlab via the sexy "Awesome" Flickr photo pool.


anonymous said...

Awesome Babies!

Random PETA Offical said...

Is that a dead lobster floating in the tub?

Basil said...

Some back story on this photo:
It was taken at Ida's old place and the tub was never used afterwards because, well, boys are gross.
Rob, Basil and Kirk were playing in another outfit called Special Guests and had not yet officially joined the "A" fold.
Also, that is a dead delicious lobster floating in the tub.

Erin J. said...

i forgot about that gross-ass hot tub.

RR said...

I was at that show and it was wonderful! Especially when you guys hadn't prepared an encore and sang an improvised song about David Nixon.

"And I shamed them..."

I'll never forget it.


David said...

Ha! I remember that too. John O would sing a line, and then look at me to sing the line that would rhyme ,and uh... yeah.Here, just for you, rr.