Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Blog Kills Fascists

First in my series of post titles to try and increase readership. Also, will try to loop in hot keywords like Obama Anal Celtics Severed Foot Cialis Gaza Tim Russert Mortgage Crisis Facebook Iowa Flooding Offshore Drilling Voyeur Lemonade Stand Scott Baio Amateur Coldplay Beijing Olympics Mark Siano Zimbabwe iTunes Lil Wayne Thong Malfunction Cayman Islands Bad Tomatoes We're Totally Winning That Iraq War Thing Fetish North Korea Birthday Party Hulu Cookout Road Trip Orphans Evite I Totally Love Those Trader Joes Spanikopita Things Elvis Jupiter Island MILF Ed Norton Intelligent Design Bear Stearns Anderson Cooper Lupe Fiasco Asian Electric Cars


Severed Foot said...

Okay, I came to this blog looking for pictures of Ed Norton in a thong and now I'm pissed!

random band/album name generator said...

Anderson Cooper Lupe Fiasco
Tomatoes We're Totally Winning
Russert Mortgage Crisis
Hulu Cookout Road Trip Orphans

allieger said...

Well I think that just about perfectly sums up America circa June 2008. Except you forgot: Mariners stink, gas at all time high, and weddings!

Rob said...

You know, I actually seriously found that quoting Shakespeare in my blog gets me a lot of hits.

(Captcha text: drdinbbo)

the real Rob said...

That's so weird! I just saw a Shakespeare play tonight. Here's a quote from the play; see if you can guess which one.

"All's Well That End's Well"

(hint: it's from one of his so-called "problem plays")

Rob said...

(note: by "a lot" I mean "more than five")

That is from Macbeth. Malcolm's closing monologue. 'Well, Macbeth may have murdered most of Scotland's influential figures, or their families, butchered his friends and usurped the crown, but all's well that ends well, right? Guys?'

He then liked the line so much he wrote a play with the same name. True story!

The Scottish Playground said...

Rob the 1st : I'll bet if you added the phrase "Shakespeare quotations suitable for use in the paper on Shakespeare you have due tomorrow morning" your hit count would go up by 25%.

non-player character said...

I'm totally going to do that! I want my hit points to go up, too.