Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photo call

Why is this man laughing?

banjo player laughs

Because he's simply delighted that this picture is part of the brand new "Awesome" photo pool on Flickr! Got a photo of us you'd like to share? Funkin' go nuts! We put some up there to get you started, but we know a bunch of you have moremoremore. So do the work for us and throw them in the pool, won't you?
The water's fine and I'm pretty sure Kirk is swimming "commando" again.


flamingbanjo said...

Swimming commandos are known as "seals."

buzzlab said...

I added a bunch of shots to the photo pool that I took back in May of 2004, as well as the show poster for which the shots were intended.

Was that the very first "Awesome" show?

I have some shots from other, later, early "Awesome" shows. I will try to get them online soon.

BTW, when did Kirk join an XTC cover band?