Monday, December 1, 2008

Spam Subjectline of the Day

"Kanye West's mother's plastic surgeon speaks."

This sentence reminds me of one of the things I love about language: From a few simple rules, an indefinite number of different things can result. For example, here we have the rule that

For any grammatically well formed sentence of the form "Noun verbs" (e.g., "Kanye West speaks"), we may make a new well formed sentence by making the noun possessive and adding a new noun after it.

So "Kanye West speaks" becomes "Kanye West's mother speaks" which becomes "Kanye West's mother's plastic surgeon speaks."

-which can become, "Kanye West's mother's plastic surgeon's scalpel speaks."

-which can become...


flamingbanjo said...

Still gunning for that nerd crown, I see.

Nerd King said...

Guards! Seize him!