Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowpocalypse Status Update

Basil: Snowed in at home.
Evan: Snowed in at home.
JohnO: Snowed in at home.
JohnA: Snowed in at home.
Kirk: Snowed in at home.

Rob: Status pending. Probably at Fifth Avenue Theatre.

David: Belize


Anonymous said...

Also... Happy Snowpocalypse Birthday, John Osebold!

Kirk said...


Basil: Walking to work.
Evan: En route to Iowa.
JohnO: Packing for Spokane.
JohnA: Thinking about mixing boards.
Kirk: Working.

Rob: Resting at home.

David: Belize.

Happy for David said...

Go David!

Rob said...

Rob: Snowed in on Saturday at the Sheraton, but made it home last night. Back to the theater tonight!

rob is living the dream said...

Rob is living the dream.

Rob is the prettiest said...

Rob is the prettiest.

Belize said...

the living dream is also happy for the prettiest David birthday snowpocalypse.

evan said...

18 hours after embarking on a desperate three-airplane journey I find myself in my high school bedroom in the sleepy river town of Clinton, IA. Super-thanks to Kirk for being just Kraaaaaaazy enough to drive with me to SeaTac on the post-snowpocalyptic byways of Puget Sound. We only got stuck twice.

JohnO: did you make it to Spokane?
JohnA: did you decide?
Basil: Bootz, u haz them?
Rob: bless yr byootiful hide.
Kirk: why not take the day off tomorrow, brother.

Kirk said...


Evan: Resting in Clinton.
JohnO: Ditto in Spokane.
JohnA: Lake City confidential.
Basil: NoraDay and walking to work.
Rob: 6 shows to go.
Kirk: Still working.

David: Belize.

johnO said...

Spokane: twice as much snow, ten degrees colder...but, soooo warm in cozy house, so relaxing, eating my brains out and still celebrating birthday.

Belize: David

David said...

Back from Belize now. Whoa! What's with all the snow?

johnO's brains said...

hey, what happened to the rest of my -- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!