Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Got Any Posts for This Blog?

Not really, it's pretty quiet. So here's a holiday Madlib to keep you entertained!

Jingle __(noun)__,
Jingle __(noun)__,
Jingle __(adverb)__ the __(sex organ)__.

Oh what __(former President)__ it __(verbs)__ to __(type of bread)__,
In a __(religion)-(murder weapon)__ open __(metal band)__.

We'll turn the best one into a song at our New Year's Show*!

*No we won't


Basil said...

Jingle hammer
Jingle protest
Jingle slowly the labia majora

Oh what Truman it imagines to Challa,
In an African Methodist Episcopal-lead pipe open CombiChrist.


johnO said...

Jingle waterfall,
Jingle pediatrician,
Jingle bitingly the testes.

Oh what Millard Fillmore it clutches to white,
In a Lutheran-brass knuckles open Hallow's Eve.

montana said...

Jingle snow,
Jingle oatmeal,
Jingle lasciviously the ovary.

Oh what Bush it trots to sourdough,
In a Jehovah's Witness-rapier open Metallica.