Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go West; Do not park North

The big day was finally here... we loaded all of our equipment into On the Boards in preparation for the final few weeks of rehearsal before "West" premieres on April 22. I pulled the van up on 1st Ave W (the little cobblestone street in front of the main entrance), and we loaded everything in to the studio. After a quick round of speed dating the lobby, I returned to the van, only to find a parking ticket indicating that the vehicle was 4 feet north of a No Parking sign. Here's a photo of the situation. What do you think?


allieger said...

If you have the time to contest it, you'll probably at least get it reduced. But you'll have to go see a judge in the middle of the day. Also - if they don't have one, OTB should request a load zone out in front. Businesses interested in possibly locating a load zone adjacent to their place of operation may call (206) 684-ROAD (7623). Love, your friendly neighborhood SDOT nerd.

Rob said...

Whoa, I just looked at the ticket... and it's for $0! No action required. The party bus gets off with just a warning. Thanks, SPD, and thank you, Mayor McGinn.

Enzio said...

Nice parking karma you got there!

Be a shame if something was to happen to it.