Monday, April 12, 2010

Cremaster: The Finnegan's Wake of cinema

I spent all afternoon yesterday at SIFF cinema watching the entire Cremaster Cycle with some of my fellow bandmates. I was a virgin, never having seen any of the five episodes of Matthew Barney's sprawling epic. I'm really glad I saw them all in sequence. Cremaster 3, the sprawling central film of the series was made more enjoyable by joining Jen Graves in the back row for something we invented called "wineSlogging". (The Stranger was there to live-Slog during the film, but they were asked to stop because their keyboards were too noisy. So we went to QFC during intermission and procured a nice bottle of French wine, screw-top style). I think that the music by Jonathan Bepler was one of my favorite things, especially in 2 & 4. These movies have it all: cars, bees, bagpipes, buffalo, naked ladies. What more could you want?

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