Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Calgary: Day 2

Some quick things:

Headset mics for (almost) all!

Hot tub curfew is 11pm... uh-huh...

It is not sunny and 75 here. Sorry JZ!

Keep drinking water, we're over 5000 feet above sea level! I don't know what that is in metres, but I'm guessing it's still pretty high. Speaking of pretty high...

... um, nothing. What?

The Marx Bothers performed on this stage, like, 6 or 7 years ago. My timeline might be off there, but probably not.

Me and Evan just Skyped each other in the same room. Yeah, that means what you think.


Matthew said...

Tell the Marxes that if they don't stop Bothering each other you'll turn the car around and go home. That oughta show em.

Kim Churko said...

I saw the show West, last night at theatre Junction GRAND in Calgary. I have season tickets and that was the best show I've seen there all year. Great way to finish the season.

The band "Awesome" really lived up to their name. I could have just listened to them all night without any theatrical production. Their pure voices, amazing harmonies, interesting layers, melodic tunes, fascinating lyrics, all led to a very pleasurable evening.

I felt West, although representing the early settlers journey of America, is applicable to anyone stepping out into a new frontier in their life. It can be interpreted for your own personal voyage of life. Ok, maybe that's just a phase that I'm going through......but it really resonated with me.

"Awesome", I wish you much success on your journey!