Friday, August 1, 2008


Last night we played a show at Neumo's Place. Here's what I learned:

-BOAT's lead singer approaches crazy when he's singing/shouting.
-It's fantastic.
-MSHVB's drummer Marshall is 100% crazy angry when he plays.
-He's not really angry, he just pounds the living shit out of that kit.
-It's amazing.
-All three sets ended with progressive-rock suites with angular timing.
-The sound crew at Neumo's Place is so nice.
-We had great sound, from what the peanut gallery told us.
-People are taking to the new material, all one song of it.
-It's promising.
-John Ackermann puts together a nice set. Kudos John!
-Short songs are good to keep the kids from getting bored with your set.
-The long song is a little closer to presentable.
-It's tricky.


Basil said...

The bass player from MSHVB (who, by the way, did a bang-up job) emerged tentatively from the backstage bathroom wearing his pair of the band's matching, camel-colored, moose-knuckle pants:

"Apparently these pants only come in one size - hipster."

JohnA said...

exactly what does a moose knuckle look like?

luminous hurdy-gurdy said...

Moose Knuckle:
Exhibit A, proudly displayed by the gentleman on the right. (Tight) pants, pants pants the night away!
Exhibit B. There's really nothing more to say about his one.

David said...

I second what Kirk said. MSHVB was really really great. After their set, I told Marshall, the drummer, how fantastic they were and how glad I am that people are still listening to (not to mention playing) prog stuff. He looked like he had no idea what I was talking about. Actually, he looked like he didn't want to be talked to by anyone. In fact, right after their set I heard one of his family members (there were 6 or 7 down in the green room) say something like, "Well he missed a beat once, but I'll let that one slide." So maybe his family is hard on him or something. In any case, if he missed a beat, I never noticed it. That guy is amazing. After I said as much, he finally said, without really looking up, "Uh... you guys were pretty good too." Someone who seemed like she was their manager or something assured me that, "for Marshall, that's a really big complement." I just laughed.