Wednesday, August 20, 2008

wish i could go

I have no idea what you are talking about
Your mouth moves only with someone's hand up your ass


Kirk said...

damn it they played talk show host
and in limbo and screwed up faust arp, complete with a snippet of neil young and phil tipping them a dollar:

hey look i had my mountaintop moments on the kid A tour at the gorge and in victoria. and i hate white river.

you know, if this city could just get off its fucking ass and make seattle center a concert pavilion we'd have shows right in the middle of the city and there'd a much smaller carbon footprint because many would walk.

so thom, when you come back to seattle for your last tour in a few years i'll be there, but i'm sorry i missed you this time.

you're gonna melt into butter.

this city's fucking ass said...

Okay, you've convinced me.

"...replacement of Memorial Stadium with a
grass lid, amphitheatre, high school sports field and underground transportation center."

New Listener said...

Interesting. Which begs the question, what about all the people that will drive into Seattle to see Radiohead? It still puts cars on the road, right? And we'd still have all the trash generated from a major concert, right?

But more to the point, do you own a car? What are you doing to help save the earth? Or do you think you've done enough by complaining about it and then putting the onus on the city of Seattle?

I obviously don't know you or the situation surrounding your life choices, but I would like to call into question that we all have consumerist tendencies of one kind or another that need to be balanced. Rather than hating on some band that is lucky enough to make a living doing what they love (which is good for the world!), you could look at your own choices and do more for the world by changing your own behavior.

I for one, feel no sorrow in missing Radiohole play live. I would be so far away that it would sound just like the CD that I listen to in my living room. I would rather take the bus up to Ballard and see a local band (like yours), where I would get a lot out of seeing them live. Which by the way, I listened to the tracks on myspace and I really like them. Nice work!

Basil in said...

Thanks for calling, new listener, but you'll note that he wasn't hating on a band. In fact, he was loving on it. He was hating on the city of Seattle, which, let's face it, needs all the encouragement it can get around the issue of green. And to be fair, it's slowly coming around (see the link above @2).

Furthermore, if you really "obviously don't know [him] or the situation surrounding [his] life choices", how about laying off the judgement vis-a-vis his car ownership and environmentally sound habits? Don't give in to the greener-than-thou crap we so easily toss around with everyone who doesn't own a Kleen Kanteen or bike to work.

A final grammar note to the world: "begging the question" and "raising the question" are two different expressions with two different meanings. Ask our doctor of philosophy about it if you don't believe me.

Evergreen Syndrome said...

The really important question is, what's the carbon footprint of self-righteously scolding others based on absolutely no information by asking them a series of leading questions designed to make yourself look smart?

Kirk said...

hi new listener, thanks. for the record, i wasn't hating on the band at all, just the venue.

yes, people would drive into seattle just the same (like bumbershoot). but everyone has to drive to white river (or at least the supermall to the bus area) because it's in the middle of nowhere. i bet a decent enough chunk of radiohead fans are in the seattle area (judging by the small sampling of people who had tix on cragislist day-of show, a majority were) and could transit/bike/walk, truly leaving a smaller footprint. but that part was implied.

as for me, i own a car and drive it about once a week. the rest of the time i bus and walk and bike and recycle everything, including the soapboxes upon which we stand. cheers!

New Listener said...

Hi Kirk,
Thanks for the response. I also recycle, including soap boxes.

Basil and Evergreen- there's no hating, just questions.

Have a great weekend. I'll try and make it to your next show. You'll know me by my kleen kanteen. ; )

Kirk said...

If you come to a show and shout "Kleen Kanteen" we'll make up a new song up on the spot. That's a promise.

Christopher said...

Um, that's great and all NL, but due to recent circumstances, approximately 3/4 of "A" Listers have purchased KC's or something similar enough to be mistaken for a KC in a darkly-lit music venue, so that's not necessarily going to make you stand out in the crowd.

SHOUTING "Kleen Canteen!" on the other hand...

flamingbanjo said...

Isn't that a lyric in "Footloose?"

Pull me up from my spleen"

Or something like that.