Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Four Chapters of The "Awesome" Cycle Revealed

As you know, The "Awesome" Cycle (tickets now available) unfolds in four chapters. Our lawyers inform us that we are now allowed to tell you the details of each of these chapters:

Chapter I. (Oct 24 - 25), "Seven Brides for Seven Band Members": "Awesome" workshops its version of an American classic. Bless your beautiful hide!

Chapter II. (Oct 31 - Nov 1), "A Funeral For Indie Rock": Every generation of critics declares Rock to be dead. This time we've got the corpse to prove it. Come mourn and celebrate the passing of an important part of our heritage.

Chapter III. (Nov 7 - 8), "Election Report and Analysis": "Awesome" helps you understand how the unthinkable occurred and why we're so happy about it.

Chapter IV. (Nov 14 - 15), "The Littlest Bang": This weekend, "Awesome" finally answers the age old question, When the universe finally collapses into itself, only to be reborn again in a new Big Bang, does it actually make a sound?

BUT... Here's the thing. There's a unifying theme that, um, unifies all four weekends -- something that makes sense of what otherwise would seem to be 4 unrelated events. Can anyone figure it out? The first person to do so gets 2 free tickets to the weekend of their choice.

Anyone? Any guesses?


clueless said...

Sorry, I have no guesses...but I do have a question!

When are we going to see your new cd come out??

Pete said...

Ummm, you're all insane?

Pete said...

Since nobody has given me 2 free tickets, I'm guessing "you're all insane" was not the correct answer.

My second guess is "they're numbered sequentially?"

David said...

you're getting closer!

marxiano said...

So it's Love, Death, Politics, and the End of the Universe/rebirth of a new universe.

It's like a vicious cycle, for both cottons, linens, AND bright colors.

rr said...

I think the unifying theme is Freedom.

Anonymous said...

They all go along with the calendar... isn't there a band member getting married in October, then the second one corresponds with the Day of the Dead, the third corresponds with the election, and the fourth... umm... the last one corresponds with... the end of the earth?'s getting on toward the winter solstice?
Do I win?

-Alyssa K.