Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grab Your Gun

We (the royal we) were talking about our blog a few days ago at Rob's house. Rob mentioned that he thought it would be nice to post about what it's like to be in this band. So here are 10 observations of what it's like, for me, to be in this band.

1. When I joined, I didn't really know how to play drums. I'm still not quite sure.

2. Our rehearsal spaces have never been ideal for me. I hate having to set up and break down almost every time.

3. I wish I could sing on every song, but I know that's not possible.

4. My favorite live show that we've ever played is one we haven't played yet. But the marathon Rendezvous shows last spring come close.

5. I am really looking forward to new songs.

6. I have developed a mild case of stage fright, to the point where I feel insecure about being on stage when I'm not behind a drum kit.

7. When a song of ours comes up on ipod shuffle, I have to skip it, because all I can hear are drum mistakes.

8. I'm really glad that we do a pre-show ritual. I think it works.

9. The best theater show we've ever done hasn't been done yet, in my opinion.

10. David Nixon tried to drug me and have sex with me.


Rob said...

Wow, we must be in the same band! David Nixon tried to hug me, too!

johnO said...

Correction: Should read "David Nixon did drug me and have sex with me." Ladies, I'm an English major.

David said...

They say that sex sells but I didn't get nuthin for that. Even on Craig's List.

Plus, I used up the last of my sex powder, and the sex wasn't even that good, KIRK. What a waste.