Saturday, April 12, 2008

What am I doing?

It's 70+ degrees and sunny here in Seattle, and what am I doing today? My taxes. Indoors. I should get a deduction for making that sacrifice; I mean really.

On the bright side of things, earlier today my Half Bro compatriots and I did a press preview for the piece we're premiering at On The Boards' Northwest New Works Festival, an album side-length suite of songs entitled "Things Have Never Been The Same". Oh, and I made some glazed beets, which are delicious.


Uncle Sam said...

Those beets look tax-deductible.

Herm Cheesemonger said...

That table is DEFINITELY tax-deductible.

Christopher said...

They certainly would be tax-deductible - IF, you can itemize on a Schedule A, in which case you can also deduct the state sales tax for all of your vegetable purchases on the Schedule A as well.

The other possibility is if you grew the beets yourself in a garden that was recently installed, thus allowing you to deduct it as a home improvement improvement expense.

However, if you then sell the beets and earn Capital Gains of more than $250,000, the earnings may be subject to additional federal tax, so look out for that.

Man, I will sooooo be happy when I finish my last couple of tax appointments this evening...