Sunday, April 6, 2008

And this.


BenRifkah said...


It seems well executed and is visually attractive. I don't recognize the person but they look thoughtful and I'd like to see what she(?)'s saying translated into words.

*Not really though

Vigor O'Malley said...

That's dynamite, baby!

Anonymous said...


David said...

"Huh?" = Exactly!

But actually, there is something that ties these things together: Miranda July, a baby carriage, and the twin towers.

Hardcore "A" fans might know the answer.

Anyone? Anyone?

JohnA said...

I'm an "A" member and I have no idea.

Kirk said...

i hope it has something to do with fleetwood mac, because i love them

Jordi said...

So...there's Miranda's face ("Me") and she's looking at ("You") and ("Everyone We Know") worked at Morgan Stanley? But as babies? Obviously this represents "The Theme From Barney Miller".

That's right. I'm the psychofan with the Crocodile and Rendezvouz bootlegs.

johnO said...

two towers = Jonathan Safran Foer
baby carriage = Neal Pollack
Miranda July = Miranda July

where's my prize pig?