Friday, April 11, 2008

...And other classic favorites

1.) "Pinch a frog, get a sorpano saxophone."

2.) "Ditch a friend, acquire a Dutch carpet."

3.) "Wax a dog, see your unborn child."

4.) "Wash a lawyer, stumble upon a bake sale."

5.) "Incriminate an umpire, select one item from a wardrobe of pain."

6.) "Polish a British Navy ship, induce hives in your most fashion-forward co-worker."

7.) "Spit on a hilarious boulder, inject positive energy in the Ukranian economy."

8.) "Investigate the untimely death of Herbert Hoover, lose both your nipples."

9.) "Dodge jury duty, fall under a badonkadonk."

10.) "Eat a squirrel, see what happens."


Hunter said...

Indulge a poet, disenchant one set of maternal great grandparents.

Pete said...

Email is not a toy.

flamingbanjo said...

Free a dove, start a bacon fire.

bovine said...

eat a sponge, free yourself from the space-time continuum.